Stainless Steel Impact Door Frames

  • We offer a standard list of door frames; these door frames are fully stainless-steel constructed and structurally welded yet doesn’t lose the hygienic integrity
  • Frames are already pre-drilled for chase retailer door series to ease the installation process
  • Stainless tubes are foam filled to reduce any harborage of bacteria
  • Single or double impact doors come ready to install
  • Standard door frame assembly
  • Fully welded
  • Anchor hardware for installation
  • Standard sizes: 7’H X 3’, 4’or 6’ W
  • Thermal option available in same standard sizes
  • Electric heater in frame allows areas to go from cold to hot or hot to cold – example, a doorway coming from the freezer to the hot kitchen
  • This well-designed system allows the door frame to control from freezing and condensation
  • Doors come pre-assembled and ready for installation; thermal wire takes 110V power
  • Custom sizes available
  • On-site installation also available
  • Available in the following;
    Stainless Steel Single Door Frame
    Stainless Steel Double Door Frame
    Stainless Steel Single Thermal Door Frame
    Stainless Steel Double Thermal Door Frame

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