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Chicago MetalCraft is your partner in supporting your hygienic production environment. Our modern manufacturing facility takes pride in producing high quality items at a great value to service your needs.

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Chicago MetalCraft Builds for High Care Hygienic Environments

Chicago MetalCraft’s Experts design for your Business Needs in Food, Pharmaceutical and Specialty Industries

Chicago MetalCraft’s hygienic design experience working within food and pharmaceutical plants ensures that the attention given to your fabrication will exceed your expectation. As both a producer and a distributor of Hygienic products, Chicago MetalCraft is sure to bring you the best value offering for your projects. Contact Chicago MetalCraft today for more information on our full line of stainless steel installations.

From Conveyors to Custom Tanks

Chicago MetalCraft is committed to providing a full offering of excellent solutions that keep your projects on track and complement your hygienic production needs. Chicago MetalCraft offers custom solutions for food preparation & processing in restaurants, food plants, packaging, bakeries from every aspect from conveyors to packaging. Our stainless steel installations can are perfect for medical, pharmaceutical, scientific, and even shared or public restroom applications.

Hygienic Stainless-Steel Tables Assembly

Hygienic Stainless-Steel Tables Assembly

Heavy Duty Construction Perfect for Use in Commercial Kitchens and Food Processing Plants

Direct Assembly Conveyor

Direct Assembly Conveyor

Hygienic Design to Move Products Forward Efficiently

Stainless Steel Shoe/Boot Rack

Stainless Steel Shoe/Boot Rack

Great Within Changing Room Areas

Hygienic Stainless Steel Bench

Hygienic Stainless Steel Bench

Ideal for locker rooms or other areas you desire

Stainless Steel Floor Sinks/Drains

Stainless Steel Floor Sinks/Drains

Solutions for Your Plumbing Needs

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We can provide solutions for your hygienic environment needs